Save Up To $90 On the YETI Cooler For Day Trips

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YETI Hopper Flip | $140-$210 | Woot

I know YETI coolers aren’t cheap, but they really are as good as everyone says, and you can get a small YETI Hopper Flip today for way less than usual.

Today on Woot, the 8-can model (at a 2-to-1 ice-to-can ratio) is down to $140 from its usual $200, the 12-can is down to $175 from $250, and the Flip 18 is down to $210 from $300. While the Flip can’t keep ice frozen for nearly a week like its larger siblings, Wired found that it did keep ice for about 36 hours, and for a small day trip cooler like this, that should be plenty.

Despite being YETI’s smallest Hopper coolers, the Flips still include YETI’s durable, water-resistant shell, plenty of hitch points, and a waterproof zipper, so you can feel like you’re living that full YETI life.