Save $50 On the Coolest Smart Lighting System You've Ever Seen, Today Only

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Nanoleaf Rhythm Starter Kit | $180 | Home Depot

Most smart lighting systems are basically enhancements of the light bulbs we’ve been using for decades, but why not use all that technology to make something more artistic?

The Nanoleaf Rhythm is a smart lighting system based on a series of flat, interconnected triangles that you can arrange on your wall in any pattern you want. They probably won’t be your primary source of light, but with a little creativity, they can be a centerpiece of your home’s decoration. The included microphone allows the light panels to react to ambient sounds or music, or you can create custom recipes and trigger them with your smartphone, Google Home, or Alexa-enabled device. It’ll even work with IFTTT, so you could, say, light up your triangles your team’s colors whenever they play.

The starter kit includes a controller and nine panels (you can add up to 21 more, sold separately), and it’s down to $180 at Home Depot right now, down from its usual $230.