Save 29% on a GoRowinGo Water Rowing Machine and Get the Ultimate Full Body Workout in Your Home

Exercising muscles in your arms, legs, and core all at once

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GoRowinGo Water Rowing Machine | $600 | StackSocial
GoRowinGo Water Rowing Machine | $600 | StackSocial
Graphic: GoRowinGo

GoRowinGo Water Rowing Machine | $600 | StackSocial

So my experience with fitness is that I was a runner in high school and college, I’ve continued to be able to stick to a running regiment on my own, but have just never really been able to get into weight lifting at all. I’m the type of person who will sign up for a gym membership, go for a month, and then fall off while continuing to pay the fee for a year before cancelling. I’m exactly the sucker that keeps the gym business model afloat. Then I got a rowing machine.

What I realized really works for me is cardio based workouts. What’s great about now having a rowing machine is that I can work my entire body with cardio. And since getting one at the beginning of this year, I’ve been able to consistently use it and build it into my routine.

The GoRowinGo has water-based resistance which give a more natural feel to your drive and recovery. It’s also way quieter than fan-based models which is great for living in an apartment setting with neighbors. The GoRowinGo Water Rowing Machine is 29% off at StackSocial—bringing the price down to $600.