LuminAID's Inflatable, Phone-Charging Solar Camping Lanterns Are On Sale For Prime Day

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PackLite Max (150 lumens/2,000mAh battery) | $30 | Amazon

LuminAID’s Shark Tank-famous camping lanterns run off solar power, and are inflatable, meaning they hardly take up any room in your bag during the day. That’s a compelling product pitch on its own. But their built-in batteries and USB charging ports for your phone are what really put them over the top.

Today on Amazon as part of its Prime Day lead-up deals, Prime members can score the PackLite Max (150 lumens/2,000mAh battery) for $30, or the PackLite Hero (300 lumens, 4,000mAh battery) for $49. Just hang them off your hiking pack during the day to soak up the rays, then use that built-up power to power the lantern and charge your phone at night.