Saturday's Best Deals: TriggerPoint Foot Massager, Grill Gauge, Keypad Deadbolt

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TriggerPoint’s foot massager, Kwikset keypad locks, and the Original Grill Gauge lead off Saturday’s best deals.

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Speaking of deals to make your bike smarter, this $18 gadget from KMASHI is an LED headlight, Bluetooth speaker, and USB battery pack all rolled into one. That means you can roll between Pokéstops all night long, and be able to hear when a new Pokémon comes into range.

TriggerPoint makes some of the most popular foam rollers out there, and their NANO model is specially designed to massage your feet. Today’s $15 deal is an all-time low on Amazon, and about $5 less than usual.

Snap Circuits is a fun way to teach your kids (or, uh, yourself) about electronics, and this discounted starter kit includes over 50 parts and instructions for 150 projects to get you started. Just note that this is a Gold Box deal, meaning this price is only available today, or until sold out.

You have no shortage of options when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, but the Jawbone Jambox line started the entire trend, and its highly-rated mini model is just $40 today, easily the best price we’ve ever seen.

Anker’s kevlar-wrapped Lightning cables arrived on the scene late last year, and quickly became the go-to cable of choice for most of our readers. Now, RAVPower is out with its own version, and you can get a 6-pack of microUSBs for $13 today.

Range extenders can’t perform miracles, but if there’s a corner of your house that doesn’t get reliable Wi-Fi reception, this NETGEAR AC1200 model might be all you need.

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about cable management, the depths of Amazon toss you a surprise. This magnetic cable clip system includes one magnetic base that you can stick anywhere via its included adhesive, and three magnetic clips that you attach to your most-used cables, allowing them to stick to the base effortlessly.

Keypad deadbolts are perfect for letting in guests or house sitters, not to mention Airbnb guests, and Amazon’s marked down this Kwikset to an all-time low $89 in today’s Gold Box. You even get to choose from three different finishes.

And while we’re on the subject of doors, here’s a $12 wireless doorbell system, complete with two receivers, and 36 different chimes.

The Orignal Grill Gauge is basically just a souped-up luggage scale, but it serves one purpose, and it serves it well. It’ll be $9 well spent if it saves you from bringing an empty propane tank to your next tailgate.

You need a kitchen scale, and you won’t find one cheaper than this. I’ve owned this exact model for years, and it works just fine. Just be sure to clip the 40% coupon.

They won’t make you a better golfer, but these discounted, refurbished balls should leave you some extra money to buy lessons.

Today only, Amazon’s running a Gold Box deal on a variety of Fila women’s activewear, including autumn-appropriate items like pants, jackets, and hoodies.

If you think your desk toys are too cheerful, this brooding Jon Snow Funko POP figure will put them in their place.

We see a lot of deals on Eneloop AA batteries, but your collection isn’t complete without those pesky AAAs, and today Amazon will sell you a 12-pack for $20, an all-time low.

It goes without saying that you can get a 20,100mAh USB battery pack for less than $56, but with this deal, you truly get what you pay for.

One of the biggest problems with large battery packs is that they take forever to recharge once you’ve used them. RAVPower solved this though by adding Quick Charge 3.0 input, and including a QC 3.0 wall charger in the box. That means you can refill this massive battery from 0 to 100% in just five hours, which is insane.

As far as outputs go, you also get a Quick Charge 3.0 port for your newer Android phones, a 2.4 A standard USB port, and even a USB-C port which can pull double duty as a second input. All told, this is one of the most advanced battery packs we’ve ever seen, and if you own newer devices, it could be worth the price premium.

If CVS is your pharmacy of choice, this discounted gift card is essentially free money.

We see the Fitbit Charge HR for $100 pretty frequently, and occasionally for $90, but $86 is practically unheard of, as long as you don’t mind an open box.

The new Doom game is...exactly what you’d expect it to be, which is mostly a good thing. If it’s been on your wishlist, Amazon’s knocked it down to $20 today for Xbox One, and PS4, an all-time low.

Nobody ever has enough power outlets or USB charging ports around their house, but this Aukey surge protector can solve both problems at once. Just use code POWER789 to get it for $17.

Strip lights can add dramatic accents to the undersides of cabinets and furniture, and this 16' strip from OxyLED can also glow in 20 different colors to fit your mood or decor.

If 16' is too long, you can cut this strip after every third light without damaging it. And if it isn’t long enough, you can daisy chain multiple strips together with these inexpensive connectors.

We see a lot of deals on IR thermometers, but the Etekcity Lasergrip has been one of the most popular through the yaers. These things are perfect for everything from cooking to finding heating and air conditioning leaks in your house, but more importantly, they’re just a ton of fun to mess around with.

If you’re going to buy your textbooks on Amazon anyway this year, be sure to use promo code TEXT15 at checkout to save $15 on any $100 order (shipped and sold by That’s a drop in the bucket for a semester’s worth of books, but it’s still $15 more to spend on Natty Ice or ramen or (insert favorite stereotype here).

You know the little charging brick that came with your phone? Throw it out, and spend $7 on this replacement from Aukey (with code NH6DTSM2). It’s basically the same size as Apple’s standard iPhone charger, but it includes two ports, folding prongs, and 2.4A of current (instead of 1A) to charge your devices faster.

If your movie theater of choice is operated by Regal, this discounted gift card essentially amounts to ten free dollars. In most cities, that’s like a free ticket!






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