Rockets of Awesome Takes the Pain Out of Kids Clothes Shopping

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Rockets of Awesome makes seasonal clothes shopping for your kids easier than helping with their last science fair project.

I’m sure there are parents out there who enjoy walking through malls or clicking through pages of online garments on behalf of their kids. My wife and I are not among them. Rockets of Awesome was made for my household and others like it.

Rockets of Awesome lets you add as many children as you’re foolish enough to be responsible for in this world to your account. Each kid takes their own, brief “likes and dislikes” quiz, and Rockets of Awesome uses their answers to assemble a box of apparel that’s delivered to your door every few months. All of the garments we’ve received are as good or better quality than what we used to buy at kids clothing shops, yet remain competitively priced.

You’ll have to pay a $5 fee for each box, but that’s credited toward anything you keep. Before each box ships, you get a few days to review and even swap out any of the eight items Rockets of Awesome selected for each child. The prices of most articles range from $16 - $38. Keep what you like, and send anything else back. If you happen to love the entire box, you’ll get up to 30% off everything when you checkout.


The Rockets of Awesome designers are up on children’s fashion trends while keeping their apparel comfortable and affordable. My girls have been genuinely excited with their clothes each time, and especially like that none of their friends wear the same designs, since none of the clothes were purchased locally. Unsolicited compliments from other kids and adults have been frequent.

Rockets of Awesome even makes exchanges painless. We had to send back one pair of tights for sizing issues, and a jacket because my oldest didn’t quite like it. Both were replaced quickly and to our satisfaction with a few mouse clicks and a prepaid return label.

Look, I’m a dad of two elementary-aged girls. Clothes shopping for said girls is something that rarely, actually never, falls within my family duties. Before Rockets of Awesome that (often loathsome) task was tackled by my wonderful wife. My seven and ten year old girls are now in full control of their wardrobe, and have become the members of our household who actually enjoy shopping for kid’s clothing.