Repel Is Our Readers' Favorite Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh, Eh

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Repel, uh, repelled the competition to take the crown as our readers’ favorite umbrella, edging out the Blunt Metro. Combining a killer price, teflon-coated fabric, and a lifetime warranty, it truly casts a long shadow.


Our Chelsea Stone has her own recommendation, which fills a niche that neither of our finalists address:

I’ve had many a generic drugstore umbrella get destroyed by raging New York City winds; once one of those things gets flipped inside out, it’s pretty much done for. Finally, I’d had enough, so I invested $20 into one of these clear Totes Bubble umbrellas. The dome shape makes it windproof, and the fact that it’s transparent prevents you from crashing into other damp, irritable New Yorkers. It’s more durable than any other umbrella I’ve ever owned.


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