Quench Your Parched Pup's Thirst With This $13 Dog Water Bottle

This handy little bottle can help you keep your dog hydrated on walks, hikes, car rides, beach days, and wherever else you might go

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MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle | $13 | Amazon
MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle | $13 | Amazon
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle | $13 | Amazon

When you’re on the go and need to water your pup, you’ve probably tried the ole pour some water into your hand trick. That works in a pinch, but we’ve got something better.

This MalsiPree dog water bottle is 15% off right now and is possibly the easiest way to give your dog a nice refreshing drink on the go. Just fill it up with water, pop the leakproof bottle in your bag— then you simply push the button to release some water into the reservoir for your dog to drink when it’s time for a break.

The 12 oz. version comes in pink and blue, so you can grab the color of your choice for $13.

The larger 19 oz. version is 34% off right now, and also comes in pink and in blue. This is definitely the one to go with if you have a larger dog!