Prime Day Is a Great Time to Buy a New Monitor (Or Two)

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Amazon Laptop, Monitor, Tablet, and Desktop Prime Day Sale | Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Day sale on “laptops, monitors, desktops and tablets” is really just a monitor sale. The laptops are...fine (the Zenbook 13 for $700 is probably the best deal of the bunch), you’re not going to buy any of the desktops because it’s 2019, and I’m not convinced that anybody has ever actually bought a Galaxy Tab.

But! The monitor selection is excellent. One the low end, you can get a basic 21" 1080p display for $80, a 24" for $90, or an IPS alternative for $100.

Gamers can get a G-Sync-compatible 34" ultrawide from LG for $380, or a FreeSync 4K display for $300. Both of those are easily all-time low prices, but check out this post to decide which one is right for you.

And if your desk can fit it, you can even score a 38" (not a typo) curved display from Dell for $780, down from its usual $900+ price. I don’t need it, but I want it.