Get Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy for $23 and Learn More About What's Going on With This Space Llama

Just want to give this new friend a great, big hug when you save $37.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Standard Edition (PS4) | $23 | Amazon

Square Enix just released its new adaption of Guardians of the Galaxy. Following their middling take on Marvel’s Avengers which brought on some mixed feelings about a decent single-player experience with a poor attempt at a live service game, Guardians of the Galaxy drops any and all live service elements in favor of a single-player story taking on the role of solely Star-Lord. And the reviews are actually looking pretty good for it! As Captain of the Guardians, you will be making decisions regarding squabbles among the crew in a morality system not dissimilar to Mass Effect or a Telltale game.

One uncertainty remains though which is, “Who’s this little feller? Look at this cute fuzzy purple guy. Is that a wig he’s wearing or does his hair grow like that? How present is this new friend in the game? Can I issue special attack commands for the llama? When will we get the DLC where the llama is the captain and we control the llama instead?” All these questions should hopefully be answered leading up to the release. In the meantime, you can order the game for just $23 on PS4.

This story was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 06/14/2021 and updated with new information on 05/03/2022.