Please, Read the Product Description For This Battery-Equipped Tablet Bag

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This Ghostek bag can hold a 10.1" tablet, and incorporates a 16,000mAh battery with two internal and one external USB port to keep all of your gear charged. It’s sold for $80 since it launched on Amazon earlier this summer, but now you can get it for $60. Pretty neat!

But even if you don’t want to buy it though, I implore you to read the product description, which might just be the best thing I’ve ever seen on Amazon.

It is a hot summer day and you are relaxing by the pool at a luxury hotel, soaking up the sun and enjoying an ice-cold drink. You have your tablet with you and decide to browse a little, catch up on a bit of celeb gossip. Who knows – you might even spot a star or two at the famous hotel you are in!

You are totally engrossed reading the tabloids, so you do not notice someone has occupied the seat next to yours. You then hear someone talking and realize that they are taking to you. You turn to your right and see a smart-looking young man.

You apologetically tell him that you did not hear him the first time. He asks if you are alone in the hotel. Odd question, you think, but you reply. For some reason, instead of telling him the truth, you say that you are with family. Your instincts are telling you that you need to be wary of this guy.

He tries to get friendly but you politely tell him that you want a bit of quiet time. He smiles and apologizes and lets you get back to browsing. After a while, you get up to go up to your suite and get ready for a bit of sightseeing and maybe a little shopping. You put your tab inside the Ghostek NRGtab Series Water-Resistant Tablet Bag and make your way towards your room.

As you pass the lobby, you notice the man outside in one of the mirrors – it looks like he is following you. You are totally alert now and ready for anything that might happen. But still, you think that it could just be a coincidence too. But for some reason, you cannot relax. You walk into the elevator and he steps right in with you. He smiles charmingly, and you do the same. The whole time, you are thinking that something is just not right.

You grip your Ghostek NRGtab Series Water-Resistant Tablet Bag tightly – it is the only thing that could be used as a weapon you have right now. You finally reach your floor and exit the elevator. So does the man. You reach your door and are about to open the door when he suddenly grabs you from behind, telling you to be quiet and open the door quickly.

No way, you think to yourself. You lift your right leg and bring your foot down on his as hard as you can. He obviously did not expect it and with the heels you have on, you know it will hurt. He lets go of you and you quickly hit him on the head with your tablet bag. He goes down. A few guests step out of the elevator and you ask them to call the police.

The police arrive and take the man away. You do not know what his intentions were, nor do you want to know. You are just grateful that you had your high-heeled shoes and Ghostek NRGtab Series Water-Resistant Tablet Bag to help you take down the creep!