Play One of the Best 3D Platformers of All Time for $1 Leading Up to the Release of Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 releases August 24th which gives you just enough time to beat the first

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Psychonauts (Xbox) | $1 | Microsoft Store
Psychonauts (Xbox) | $1 | Microsoft Store
Screenshot: Double Fine Productions

Psychonauts (Xbox) | $1 | Microsoft Store

Psychonauts came out way back in 2005 to wide critical acclaim. Starring a kid named Raz with big dreams of becoming a psychonaut—and agent of an organization which can enter people’s subconscious minds. I being the stupid kid I was never played it. I didn’t even know anyone who had. It wasn’t until sometime after college I had heard the love surrounding this game and decided to pick it up for myself. I fell in love. This is a game I am constantly recommending to friends to the point of being annoying about it. But once they did play it, the response is overwhelmingly, “Damnit, it is really good.”

The long awaited sequel is finally near. It comes out in less than a week actually. If you have any interest in that but haven’t played the first... or perhaps you did back in 2005 and want the refresher... Psychonauts is only sale for only $1. That’s $1 for a game that is consistently ranking high in “best games of all time” lists.

Psychonauts and Psychonauts 2 are also on GamePass so you can play them each there as well.