PlateLoss Is Like Blotting a Pizza, But For the Rest Of Your Meals

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Most of us know that dabbing a slice of pizza with a napkin can save you a lot of calories, but what if you could do the same thing for the rest of your food?

That’s the concept behind PlateLoss, a slatted plastic plate that sits above a regular plate, allowing sauces and oils to drain away from your food as you eat it. It’s more or less the idea of a Foreman grill, but for food that’s already been cooked and served.

Obviously, the big downside here is that you’re doubling your dirty dishes, but PlateLoss is dishwasher safe, and you’ll probably only use it for meals with a lot of excess grease or liquids. I don’t think it’ll transform your body on its own, but combined with diet and exercise, it certainly can’t hurt.

PlateLoss is currently on Kickstarter, with preorders priced at $14 for two plates, or $20 for four, with higher quantities also available.

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