The men’s premium skincare category has gone from nonexistent to crowded quickly, and Oars + Alps is doing a standout job of differentiation by innovation.

Oars + Alps only makes three products. The first and the star of the line is their Power Cleansing Face Stick, a charcoal-based solid men’s face wash. The Power Stick touts solving the apparent problem men have with spilling their face wash, but I like it for its effectiveness, travel-friendliness, and ability to clean not just bare skin but your beard as well.


Up next is the Face Moisturizer + Eye Cream, and its appeal is right in the name. This two-in-one product is an efficient, non-greasy moisturizer that fights free radicals.

Last and also least is the Active Armor Deodorant. Completely effective natural deodorants that aren’t so heavy they risk staining shirts are pretty much impossible to find, at least for my specific body chemistry. Oars and Alps made a valiant effort here, but I couldn’t make it through the day without having to reapply.

If you’re looking to upgrade your skincare routine or your toiletry bag, or just need a great stocking stuffer, Oars + Alps won’t steer you wrong.