Graphic: Jillian Lucas

Are under-eye creams a scam? Who knows?! But it feels good to dab things under our eyes to make it seem like we got a full night’s sleep and definitely have been drinking the recommended amount of water, even when we definitely haven’t. Here are a couple things we feel can help out, even if it’s all a placebo to satiate our desire to look like functioning members of society.

Having an under-eye primer may seem like an extra step not worth your time, but when you have bags and dark circles like mine, you do that extra step, and you like it. Physician’s Formula makes a little stick of heaven called the RefreshMint Cucumber and Bamboo Eye De-Puffer, and it does just that. It’s cooling, de-puffing, and minty (but not in that sting your eyelids, tear up till you can’t see kind of way).

The Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate from Shiseido is the newest addition to my skin care routine, and while it hasn’t helped with the truly impressive darkness under my eyes, it has made them incredibly soft and hydrated. It helps my concealer go on smoothly without gunking it up like a lot of creams tend to. After getting a sample of it from my mom (who somehow has more Sephora points than I do), I immediately bought the full-size.

You know how people always tell you to put face masks in the fridge before you use them? Well skyn Iceland’s Hydro Cool Eye Gels are naturally cooling (thanks to Icelandic glacial water) and help de-puff your under eyes in minutes. Seriously, I throw them on in the morning before I get ready (especially after a night of drinking) and I actually look like a live human being.

Shane here...

I’m not quite sure if GOA is doing rocket science or blood magic, but this dark phyto-matter sure does feel good on my face. Their Under Eye Boost Anti-Fatigue Serum lifts, de-puffs, and removes lines, and with stem cells no less. If this doesn’t help you nothing will.

Oars + Alps Wake Up Eye Stick
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

Give me rollers or give me death. Oars + Alps is one my favorite men’s skincare brands, and I love their new Wake Up Eye Stick. Just dump that sweet sweet caffeine directly into my eyes. Also that caribou moss.

This one has a permanent place in my Dopp kit.

There’s more to eye care than the pitched battle with your dark circles, but I’m pretty sure Port Products’ Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel is the only product that’s ever put a dent in mine.


This tube is packed with everything from red algae to Irish moss, and whatever Port did here, it seems to be working.