Nomad's 'Work From Home Collection' Is Classy, Sophisticated, and 15% Off [Exclusive]

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15% off Base Stations, Mousepads, and Kevlar Cables | Nomad Goods

Your home office is due for an upgrade, and there’s no better time than the present to give your workstation the aesthetic and functional treatment it deserves. To help you along on your search, Nomad Goods is giving you 15% off its entire gamut of work-from-home products including base station wireless charging mats and stands, mousepads, and premium-quality braided USB-C cables.

Simply plug in our exclusive promo code KINJA15 at checkout and experience the savings for yourself. While I can’t speak on the quality of the mousepads, our commerce editor Jordan McMahon recently praised Nomad’s customer service for providing a second Kevlar cable when the first one was lost in the mail. We can both attest to the heft and durability of these cables.

I recently started testing the Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition for myself, and it’s infinitely better looking and more reliable than the Mophie charging station I was using before. That said, it also costs a great deal more even with this discount. If you have the spare cash, though, it’s worth the steep price hike for a product that is built to last and blend in with the furniture.