Nomad's Super Long Kevlar Charging Cable Makes Quarantine a Little Bit Easier

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10ft Kevlar USB-C-to-Lightning Cable | $41 | Promo code theinventory10
10ft Kevlar USB-C-to-Lightning Cable | $41 | Promo code theinventory10
Image: Nomad

10ft Kevlar USB-C-to-Lightning Cable | $41 | Promo code theinventory10

Up until a few months ago, I’d been using Apple’s standard Lightning cable that comes with every iPhone to charge my phone; it’s fine. If you just wanna toss your phone on the counter to charge overnight, or have it set next to you on your desk as you work, it’ll do, but its short nature means you won’t be able to stray too far from an outlet. In a time where I spent a lot of my day out and about, this didn’t bother me too much, but now that I’m cooped up inside and spending more of my time on my phone to check-in with loved ones and see what’s going on beyond the walls of my childhood home, that cable gets limiting pretty quickly.

I could’ve gone the route of just “unplugging” and spending some time away from my phone, which I do still do from time to time, but social distancing has made me a worrier, and I like to make sure my friends are doing okay, even if that just means aimlessly tapping through all their stories while I watch a fifth episode of Guy’s Grocery Games with my family. So instead, I got this super long USB-C-to-Lightning charging cable from Nomad, which gives me about 10 feet of room to move around, which has been plenty, even in rooms where the seating isn’t anywhere near an outlet.

It’s not just a product of quarantine, though. I’m living in a house with four dogs right now, one of whom is a one-year-old puppy that’ll chew on anything within reach. Since this cable’s made of Kevlar, it’s more durable than anything you can get directly from Apple, meaning it’ll probably last longer and you won’t need to baby it as much for fear of a frayed, barely-functioning charger. That doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe from the jaws of an eager pup, but I’m a little less worried about leaving my phone out when she’s running around.


For a charging cable, it’s pretty costly at $45, but in a time where I’m using my phone more and more, it’s nice to be able to bounce around the room without having to unplug, and the added durability is worth the cost when a rogue pup could grab the cable at any moment.