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Totallee Phone Cases
Photo: Totallee

As our readers debate their favorite iPhone cases this week, I want to wax poetic about my new favorite from Totallee.


Totallee claims to have one of the thinnest iPhone 11 cases on the market at just .02" thick (they make similarly thin cases for other popular phones as well), and it’s hard to imagine it being any thinner. So needless to say, if you drop your phone, it’s probably not going to do much to save you from a shattered screen, but it will protect your back glass and bezels scratch-free.

I have AppleCare+ on my new 11 Pro Max, so I’m not super concerned about breaking my phone, but having this thin layer of protection makes me feel just a little less anxiety when I shove the thing into my pocket. Plus, the fact that the case’s camera bump is raised, like, a micron or two higher than the highest point of the lenses makes me feel a lot more secure in placing my phone face-up on a table.

For such an insubstantial case, Totallee substantially changes my mindset about using my phone. When the case is on, my brain tells me that I’m holding a phone. But when the case is off, my brain goes to DEFCON 1, my palms start sweating, and I become acutely aware that I’m holding a $1,250 precious jewel that’s one slip away from certain death (or at least significant scuffing). It’s not a pleasant way to use a phone!

Oh, but I saved the best part of Totallee’s cases for last: They have no logos or branding of any kind. Bliss.

Nomad Leather iPhone Cases
Graphic: Shep McAllister

I’ve also tried Nomad’s new leather case, and while it’s very nice and very pretty to look at, I found it to be too big, at least for the already-large 11 Pro Max. If I didn’t have AppleCare+, it’s definitely something I’d consider using, but this phone is already enough of a workout for my hand as it is. If you have one of the smaller iPhones, or are more prone to dropping your device, it’s a great option.




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