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My Cat Learned How to Open My Fridge, And These $8 Baby Locks Saved My Food

B&S FEEL Baby Kids Multi-Function Cabinet Fridge Lock | $8 | Amazon
Photo: Ana Suarez/Amazon
No Thought, Just BoughtNo Thought, Just BoughtBefore making most purchases, we meticulously research all of our options, wait for deals, and try to make an informed buying decision. But sometimes, we just buy things on a whim, and end up loving them anyway. No Thought, Just Bought is a space to share the impulse purchases that exceeded our expectations.

I will start out by saying that I totally underestimated how smart my cat is. To be fair, Sirius didn’t give me much to work with. Since he was a kitten, he’s turned over his water dish every day because he likes to play. But apparently inside his adorable body is the brain of a master thief. For you see, Sirius learned how to open my fridge and ruin my life. I had to buy baby locks for my 6-year-old cat.

Sirius Black, causing mischief since 2012
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

It all started with me being a bad cat mom. You’re not supposed to give cats milk or cream, despite what every cartoon has taught you. Still, if I am eating cereal, Sirius wants some of the milk. If I am eating ice cream, Sirius tries to get his paw into the bowl. One day, after eating some delicious pumpkin pie, I let him have a tiny taste of the whipped cream on top. Big mistake. When I put the whipped cream away, I thought nothing of it, but it was all Sirius could think about. Without me even noticing, he opened the fridge and tried to get the whipped cream out.

It quickly became an issue. Once Sirius realized that the milk and whipped cream lived inside of the fridge, he constantly started opening the fridge to try to get some. When he figured out that the ice cream, his real favorite, was inside of the freezer, that is when I had to step in and crush his dreams. I had to lock things up.

Not having any human kids, I felt pretty silly buying baby locks to keep my inquisitive cat out of my food, but I saw no other choice. After he opened the fridge one day when I wasn’t home and all of my food spoiled, I knew I couldn’t indulge his weird habit any longer. And to make matters worse, he was starting to teach my younger cat, Luna, to do the same thing.

Sirius and his big brother Jasper sulking because they can’t have any milk
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

As usual, when I’m in need, I rushed to Amazon. I honestly didn’t give much thought about what baby locks I needed, since these locks aren’t meant for babies with thumbs that can get into everything. I needed something simple that would work with a thick fridge door, and I needed it ASAP. I found the B&S FEEL Baby Kids Multi-Function Locks and ordered two.

These baby locks instantly did the job and were very easy to install. All I had to do to was peel off the sticker backing of the two anchors, and smack them in place on either door. The lock opens by pressing the top and bottom buttons together and pulling out the lock strap. To close it, you simply push the strap back in place until you hear it click.

Gif: Ana Luisa Suarez

There is only one hang up to these. If you’re in a rush and don’t snap the locks closed, the straps can come undone and get caught between the fridge door and actually keep the fridge open. We’ve had it happen, but honestly, if I take the extra two seconds to make sure I hear it snap into place, it’s all good. Sirius is sad to report he hasn’t broken into the fridge or freezer in months.


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