Most Popular Space Heater: DeLonghi Oil-Filled

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Our space heater voting ended up being a dead heat, but the Delonghi Oil Filled 1500W Radiator ran the hottest in the end, figuratively. Oil filled space heaters have a slower start up time, but ultimately tend to be more capable of heating larger spaces, and retain their heat much longer after being turned off.

Second place went to the ubiquitous Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater, which is cheaper than the winner, and boasts a smaller footprint, a convenient remote control, and lots of great customer reviews.

For those who have limited space, or just want the best-looking option, Gizmodo’s Adam Clark Estes recommended the DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater, which is wall mountable.

I’ve had two of these wonderfully slim, light, and silent space heaters. My dad borrowed my first one for a weekend and liked it so much he kept. I also talked a friend into buying one, and he mounted it on the inside of a fireplace which actually works insanely well. In general, it works insanely well! It’s $80 on Amazon right now. And I’d bet it’ll pay for itself in saved heating costs. - Adam Clark Estes

Finally, there’s the Presto Heat Dish, which is small and very directional, and the perfect option for certain scenarios. Several of you mentioned using one or more of them to heat outdoor areas. [The Heat Dish is cheaper at Costco as of this writing.]


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