Meet CAROL: The New AI-Driven High-Intensity Training Bike That Will Make You Forget All The Others

Unbelievable results for just five minutes a day, that's all.

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Science-backed results for an intense new weekly habit.
Science-backed results for an intense new weekly habit.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Kiss 45-minute training and your old fitness bike goodbye with just 15 minutes of intense Reduced Exertion HIIT training a week on the CAROL bike. You’re busy and need the best possible AI-assisted workout in just 5 minutes per session with all the benefits of a long, sweat-dripping cardio workout. With science, an 11” screen, and personalized feedback leading every session, CAROL offers double, yes double, the health benefits of a regular workout. When each ride is short and worthwhile, how could you not turn CAROL into a daily habit?

CAROL Bike | Membership $15 | CAROL

Even better, joining over 20,000 riders, anywhere from teens to Olympians, who call the CAROL community their home base for intense training sounds like a wholesome way to start a new habit. Using AI innovations to actually change workout routines, sign me up!