Matias Mini Tactile Pro: Hello Clacky My Old Friend

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... I’ve come to type with you again.

The Matias Mini Tactile Pro is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard based on the dearly missed Apple Extended Keyboard. By based on, I mean it uses the same ALPS clicky keyswitch tech that the extended used. It’s gloriously clacky.

The Mini isn’t wireless, has no backlighting/RGB, and only comes in white. The micro-USB cable is removable, and there are not one, not two, but three USB ports good for plugging mouse dongles into.

The Mini is Mac-focused with function keys to control things like screen brightness, though there are other versions including:

While the Mini is by no means feature-packed, it’s my new favorite out-of-the-box keyboard for work and general typing.


Matias also has an upcoming 60% keyboard I’m looking forward to checking out.