MassDrop's HIFIMAN Headphone Collaboration Means Big Sound and Big Savings

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Just as MassDrop’s Sennheiser HD6xx are a slightly tweaked (and significantly cheaper) version of the Sennheiser HD650s , the HIFIMAN HE4XX are a better, cheaper variant of the excellent HE-400I.

The main differences here are the color (MassDrop’s are a very dark navy instead of black), and the headband, and both are improvements in MassDrop’s favor, if you ask me. The biggest difference though, of course, if price. If you get in on the drop, you’ll only spend $170, or about $50 less than the regular HIFIMANs.

These sold out quickly when they were offered for the first time last month, and there’s no reason to believe this drop will be any different.