Mash the Hell Out of Your Thanksgiving Potatoes With This $10 Device

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Fiery hot Thanksgiving take coming your way: Mashed potatoes are the most underrated of the holiday’s many side dishes. They’re certainly not as flashy as their starchy counterpart, the yam, with all its marshmallow topping and deceptive, dessert-like taste. Nor do they contain any of the nutritional value of an actual vegetable, like Brussels sprouts. And yet, their simplicity, arguably their greatest flaw, is also what makes them one of the most glorious sides. Mashed potatoes pair well with almost anything, especially gravy, and they’re a good mushy break from all the chewing you’ve been doing throughout the meal.

Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that mashed potatoes are a good Thanksgiving food, and therefore, you should buy this $10 foldable, stainless-steal potato masher for the express purpose of serving them on Turkey Day. Or, you know, you could use it year-round too, I guess.