Lunacy Has Found Me, Come and Buy These Batteries (For 30% Off)

At $23, this is just about as cheap as you can get a 48-count combo pack of Energizer's AAA and AA batteries right now.

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Energizer AAA/AA Batteries Combo Pack (48 Count) | $23 | Amazon

Come take advantage of this hypnotizing power, as this battery deal is not here to stay—at $23, this 48 count combo pack of AAA and AA Energizer batteries puts each cell at a puny 48 cents. Take advantage now and have batteries that will be with you for like 5 years (that is not a scientifically-arrived-at number; I really have no idea how often you people use these batteries). Cannot kill the battery!

Oh, and if you need 9V batteries, those are also on sale, with a 20% clip coupon box that puts this 8-pack of them at about $2 per cell, or $15 total, if you choose Subscribe & Save, which is still a pretty decent deal—by the way, Amazon says 4 months is the most common interval for people subscribing to that 8-pack 9V battery deal. Besides guitarists, what the hell are you using up that many 9-volts on?

This deal was originally published by Wes Davis on 12/6/2021, and was updated 1/4/2021 with new information.