Loudly Announce You Got This BalanceFrom Kettlebell Set for Just $42 to the Weight Room

This BalanceFrom kettlebell trio seems like something a fitness junkie might be into.

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BalanceFrom Kettlebell Set | $56 | Amazon
BalanceFrom Kettlebell Set | $56 | Amazon
Image: Sophy Ziss

BalanceFrom Kettlebell Set | $42 | Amazon

I’m not going to act like I completely understand what kettlebells are or how they differ from other weights, so I’ll stick to what I do know: A good deal. For example, the BalanceFrom Kettlebell Set is just $42 on Amazon right now. That’s 47% savings on a trio that includes a 10 lb., 15 lb., and 20 lb. weight (that’s right, no small frys here), all of which are also color-coded for ease. One might think the size difference is enough to indicate which is which, but hey, I’m a writer, not a product developer. The set features ergonomic handles and is made from rust-free materials, which ensures that even if you leave them abandoned in your basement or garage for a few years, you’ll be able to pick them up again without interruption whenever you remember to.

This deal was originally published by Sophy Ziss on 3/2/2022 and updated with new information on 3/11/2022.