Let Your Stressed Body Melt Into a Calm Puddle With The Help of a Tub Cub CBD Bath Bomb

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Tub Cub CBD Bath Bomb | $7 | Sunday Scaries
Tub Cub CBD Bath Bomb | $7 | Sunday Scaries
Photo: Sunday Scaries

Tub Cub CBD Bath Bomb | $7 | Sunday Scaries | Use code CBDDAY

CBD Day is approaching fast and there’s no better way to celebrate than submerging your entire body in a bathtub full of the stuff. If you feel like you’re at the end of your rope with the stress of our daily lives and just the state of the world, make regular time for yourself to unwind and decompress. CBD can help calm anxiety whether it is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. The Tub Cub is a bath bomb infused with CBD designed to promote mental health relaxation in our overwhelming lives.

We’ve been mostly stuck in our homes for the past year and a half and with news surrounding the delta variant, I wouldn’t get excited to leave just yet. The Tub Cub is here to be your friend in a world where we may not be allowed to see our actual friends anytime soon, so go ahead and drop this little buddy in several inches of water. He’ll be your friend in his last moments as he gives his life to color in your bath water and fill the air and your pores with the calming scents of Orange, Lemon, or Lavender.

Each Tub Cub contains 100 MG of CBD with no THC. You can get your own little dissolving friends made out of CBD for only $7 with Sunday Scaries’ site-wide 30% Off Sale celebrating CBD Day on 8/8.