Let Your Dogs Live Like the Royalty They Are With Petique's Portable Enclosed Bed

Large enough for multiple dogs, it's the perfect addition to your home.

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Petique Bedside Lounge Portable Enclosed Pet Bed | $228 | Wayfair

Looking to upgrade your furbaby’s nap spot? Petique’s Bedside Lounge Portable Enclosed Pet Bed is new and improved and ready to keep your fluffy kids safe and sound. Acting as a natural den, this two-level pet bed is customizable to what will make your furry baby feel the most secure. Easy to move into any space, the bed is also machine washable as the covers are removable, so no need to fear if someone is a little drooly or has an accident. You can also roll it up and toss it in the travel tote to take it on the road. This is a customer favorite.