Power Up Your Hyperdrive and Save $200 On LEGO's 7,500+ Piece Millennium Falcon, While You Still Can

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Update: Every time I refresh Walmart, its stock level changes, so if you don’t see it available for $600, try again a few minutes later.

LEGO’s 7500+ piece Millennium Falcon set will give you at least a long weekend’s worth of enjoyment while you build it, plus a lifetime as the best hunk of junk on your memorabilia shelf (it’s a deep shelf, right?).

For a long time, you were lucky to even find this thing in stock for its $800 MSRP. Now, for the first time ever, you can get it from Walmart for a whopping $200 off. It’s still an expensive LEGO set, but unless you can win it in a poker game, this is the best deal you’re ever likely to see on it.