Leesa's Memorial Day Sale Is Still Going On

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15% off Mattresses + 2 FREE Pillows | Leesa

Update: This sale is inexplicably still live, nearly a week later. It’s still a good deal!

Memorial Day is one of the best times of the year to buy a mattress, and Leesa isn’t letting us down with 15% off both its standard foam and hybrid spring mattresses, plus two free pillows with every order.

The pillows themselves are somewhat mysterious—they’re automatically added to your card, and are described as “Down Alternative Pillows,” which aren’t listed on Leesa’s pillow page—but hey, they’re free.

The queen Leesa mattress will set you back $845 during this sale (down from $995), and the equivalent hybrid mattress costs $1,440 (down from $1,695). If you need help deciding, there’s a comparison page here, so you can sleep easy with your decisions.