Learn Why the Python Programming Language is Not a Scary Snake for 98% Off

With these 10 Python courses, learn UI development, databases, automated stock trading, and more.

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2022 Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle | $30 | StackSocial

Whether you just like learning to code as a hobby or you’re trying to get yourself out of a professional rut, Python is one of the best languages to do so. It’s approachable (as approachable as programming languages can be, anyway), versatile, and it has a deep community of fervent fans willing to help if it means bringing more programmers into the fold, and best of all: it is not a scary snake! If this is something that interests you, StackSocial has a good deal on 10 courses on Python for just $30. That’s 875 individual lessons on concepts like GUI programming, data types, streaming, and more, for the price of a decent meal for two.

This article was originally published by Wes Davis on 01/05/2022 and updated by Sophy Ziss with new information on 4/11/2022 and 6/14/2022, then updated with new information by Miranda Martin on 8/15/22.