This Kirby Banpresto Box Graced My Brain With the Copy Ability Called ‘Joy’

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Photo: Gabe Carey

Kirby Banpresto Paldolce Collection Vol. 1 | $90 | Amazon
Kirby Banpresto Paldolce Collection Vol. 2 | $30 | Amazon

Like many of my peers living the hashtag quarantine dream since mid-March, I’m spending most of my time frivolously shopping online for useless trinkets, a reliable source of fleeting happiness. But because I’m saving $127/month NOT riding the subway to work every day, the excess spending on things I don’t need is obviously justified. Among those things is the Kirby Banpresto box dramatically photographed above. Pre-ordered from an ad I saw on Facebook, the box was available from Premium Bandai for $30, but only for a limited time.

I debated not writing this article at first. Seeing as we’re a shopping site that makes its money from affiliate links to the products we recommend, it seemed redundant hyping up a temporary loot crate you can no longer buy at a reasonable price. But then I found more. MANY MORE. So many Kirbys I don’t know if I can handle the pure adorableness of it all. If, after seeing Kirby slipping off the syrupy surface of a pancake, you’ve already decided you NEED that one, understood. You can still pick up the Kirby Paldolce vol. 1 collection from Amazon, albeit for $90. Alternatively, I found it on eBay closer to MSRP. And whatever you pay, let me tell you, it’s worth it ... or at least it was for me.


Waking up every morning to Kirby’s whimsy is an unparalleled experience. What is Kirby anyway? An alien from Planet Popstar who never misses an opportunity to foil the malicious plans of King Dedede, a rude penguin. Here you can find him sleeping on a tree stump with what appears to be drool or a lil’ crumb on his face. On the left, Kirby sunbathes and smokes trees inside an apple, as one does. Next, he’ll be serving up desserts in the Paldolce vol. 2 collection, now $30 on Amazon—because I can’t control myself.

If that sounds like a steep price to pay for a 7-centimeter tall desk ornament, then you don’t want to know how much I’ve spent on Pokémon plushies. I’d go to great lengths to see a pink gumball with feet lugging around a strawberry to brighten up my mornings. And while I haven’t exactly enjoyed a Kirby game since Planet Robobot (RIP 3DS), the merch remains best-in-class. I mean, how could you go wrong with Kirby merch? Seriously! Even the artbook puts me in a good mood. And don’t get me started on the Nosechara game; frustrating as it is to stack Kirbys in a series of difficult-to-achieve formations, you get to spend your leisure time stacking Kirbys—come on, what more could you ask for!?


Back to the Banpresto box. Do I recommend spending $90 on a set of three delicious cuisine-themed Kirbs? I can’t tell you what to do with your money. However, the Paldolce vol. 2 collection is 1/3 the price and equally delectable; plus, there’s bound to be a third volume in the works, courtesy of Premium Bandai. Until then, for all things cute and Kirby, stay tuned to The Inventory, as we have a bunch of toy coverage in the works including our regularly updated guide to the best Funko Pop deals and our daily deals, which often feature the best Nintendo sales on games, hardware, toys & board games, and more.