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Kiehl's First Venture Into Sheet Masks Is Almost Perfect

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Things that are labeled “instant” but actually aren’t: Instant noodles, Instant Pots, and instant beauty products. The exception: Kiehl’s newest and first sheet mask, the Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask.

It’s hard to believe that the skin care brand has been around since 1851 and just now, in March of 2018, put out their first sheet mask. But since it seems it took that long to perfect the 10 minute face mask that actually does something, I will keep my mouth shut.

The Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask is a “biocellulose-embedded hydrogel mask” and contains a unique blend of oils not used in a typical sheet mask: Copaiba Resin Oil, Pracaxi Oil and Andiroba Oil. These oils promise to refine and smooth skin texture, and boy, does it deliver. It also comes in two pieces, something more brands should take note of. PLEASE.

Illustration for article titled Kiehls First Venture Into Sheet Masks Is iAlmost/i Perfect

The trend of “hydrogel” masks are a welcome change to the typical, one-size-kinda-fits-all cotton masks touted by, well, basically everyone. What that means is that the mask isn’t made of cotton soaked in serum, but a gel-like material that slightly melts into your skin, helping the mask stay put and fit different face shapes. Any time a brand or retailer has the option of hydrogel masks, I always opt for them over traditional cotton ones, and I can only hope more brands pick up on the trend.

While most hydrogel masks are slimy and feel like you’ll rip it by just breathing on it, this one feels sturdy and is incredibly easy to apply. The smell is a bit strange though, almost vegetal, and it leaves a slightly sticky residue that does eventually dry down.

I put the mask on after having to harshly take my makeup off with a micellar water-soaked piece of toilet paper after running out of cotton pads (don’t do this, kids), and I did a straight up, movie-style double take. My face looked smooth and glowy. Everything looked even and bright, which is not what you expect immediately after removing a face mask, especially after only using it for 10 minutes. There is a tiny bit of tingling towards the end of the 10 minutes, just a heads up.

At $32 for a pack of four, it’s on the pricier side, but not out of control for a more complicated face mask. But when you think about it, if you use it once a week, you end up with a month’s worth of glowing skin in 10 minutes.


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