At $4, This Is the Best International Charging Adapter Deal We've Ever Seen

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Glamfields Universal Outlet Adapter With 3 USB and 1 USB-C Port | $9 | Amazon | Promo code 6ALMECJ5

Update: The $5 clippable coupon is gone, but promo code 6ALMECJ5 will still bring it down to $9, which is an excellent deal.

If you’re planning any overseas trips this summer, you can be ready for any power outlet you might encounter with this $4 universal adapter. It plugs into anything, and anything plugs into it, and it even has four USB charging ports on one side (one of which is a USB-C port!) for all of your mobile devices.

Just clip the $5 coupon and use promo code 6ALMECJ5 to get it for $4 $9, which should take the sting out of any exchange rate woes.