Keep Your Essential Gear Powered Up and Running With Today's CyberPower Gold Box

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CyberPower Gold Box | Amazon
CyberPower Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

CyberPower Gold Box | Amazon

Take your outlet game to a whole new level with today’s CyberPower Gold Box. Right now, a swiveling surge protector, an on-the-wall power strip, and an UPS system are all down to low prices.

The star of the show is the swiveling surge protector. Since it lets you plug in on the side, rather than sticking straight out, you can push furniture right up against it. (Yay, no bended cables.) Better still, it has two USB ports. And right now, it’s just $10. That’s a bargain, and one of the best deals we’ve ever seen.

Less exciting is this wall tap. It’s hard to justify when the surge protector is just $1 more expensive and offers so much more.

And if you’ve ever suffered a power outage and lost all your work, you’ll understand why you should pick up this UPS battery backup system. This $100 device will keep your gadgets running even when there’s an outage which is super helpful for use with desktops. It’s a few bucks off the lowest price we’ve ever seen but still a helluva steal for what it gives.

Just remember that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, or until sold out. So pick up that swiveling surge protector before the lights of out on this sale.