Just Get a Sous-Vide Circulator Already - They Start at $56, Today Only

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Sous-vide’s ease-to-results ratio is so good, it’ll feel like you’re cheating at cooking, and if you haven’t already gotten yourself a circulator, you can fix that today for as low as $56.

The four cheapest Gourmia models in today’s Amazon Gold Box all seem the same on paper, just with minor design tweaks through the generations. I’d probably get the cheapest of the four that hasn’t sold out.

For $75 though, you can upgrade to a Wi-Fi model, which allows you to set up your water bath in the morning (not with food in it, obviously), and then start your circulator on your way home from work, so that your water is up to temperature when you get home.

Whichever circulator you choose, these prices are only available today, and could sell out early.