Just Because You Never Leave Your Pajamas Doesn't Mean You Can't Take This Up to 60% Off Flash Sale and be a Fashion Icon

Macy's half off flash sale on pajamas and robes has me considering cheetah jammies.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Camo Pajama Shirt | $22 | Macy’s
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Camo Pajama Pants | $22 | Macy’s
INC International Men’s Cheetah-Print Pajamas | $50 | Macy’s
Natori Men’s Tiger-Print Robe | $63 | Macy’s
Barbour Men’s Laith Pajama Set | $75 | Macy’s

You’ve become very familiar and intimate with your pajamas in the last two years. Perhaps a little too familiar, in fact, and the accumulated stains, holes, and fraying edges represent a gathering call from their stressed threads: replace me, they say. Happily, Macy’s is selling men’s robes and pajamas for up to 60% off in this flash sale, today only! And with great deals on extravagant pieces like this $63 tiger-print collar Natori robe or this INC International Cheetah-Print set for $50, you can look almost as good as Glen Shadix in Demolition Man. And anyway, that tiger-print collar one is velour. Do you know about velour? Me neither, but it sounds like it feels great, and when people compliment you on it at the grocery store, you get to say, “Thanks! Its velour.

Looking for something more standard? Okay, fine, then you might be into this Barbour laith pajama set—this tastefully plaid all-cotton set has pockets, and it’s half off at $75. Finally, this breathable Polo Ralph Lauren camo pajama shirt is discounted to $22, as is the matching pair of pants.