Improve Your Health With FitBiomics Poop Pills

The Nella supplement uses bacterial strains from elite athletes so you get the same digestive benefits.

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FitBiomics believes there’s huge potential in newer, better probiotics.
FitBiomics believes there’s huge potential in newer, better probiotics.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

We love a good dietary supplement here at The Inventory, and this product from FitBiomics comes with a unique and intriguing pitch. Imagine if you could tailor your gut microbiome to be more like those of Olympic athletes — the most physically fit people in the world. That’s the concept behind Nella probiotic supplements, available now for a limited time. Top-tier scientists used samples from elite athletes and isolated, purified, and replicated their bodies’ unique bacterial strains to create these cutting-edge pills. You can try them now and get the benefits of better digestion, sleep, and energy.

Nella Probiotic Supplements | FitBiomics

The FitBiomics idea is to share unique bacterial strains from world-class athletes so the rest of the world can enjoy some of their peak performance and good health. The company beta-tested its product with users, and 94 percent saw improvement in at least one category — including 45.1 percent who reported better sleep quality. The experts behind Nella want people to get excited about the potential for better probiotics. “They could help us digest food, they could help us metabolize lactic acid, they could interact with our immune system, they could produce neurotransmitters,” said Jonathan Scheiman, Ph.D., FitBiomics co-founder and CEO.


Originally written by Elise Caplan on 6/20/23 and updated with new information by Miranda Martin on 8/7/23 and 9/8/23.