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Photo: Girlfriend Collective

When I went looking for a new pair of leggings, I had no less than three coworkers tell me to try Girlfriend Collective.

Photo: Girlfriend Collective

I’m kicking myself for waiting this long, after all the recommendations from the colleagues that swiftly judged my naiveté. Fine, you guys were right. They’re phenomenal.

Girlfriend Collective leggings don’t really change the game in terms of shape or color, but they are probably the softest leggings I’ve ever put on my legs. They’re not smart leggings that’ll track your workout, but they’ll keep their shape, won’t roll, and don’t leave red marks. They also fit just about everyone, as demonstrated by their refreshingly diverse range of models.

If you’re petite like me, you know that legging length is always an issue. 3/4 length is the way to go for these (and other legging-makers should take the hint). They hit your ankle at the spot that full-length leggings hit on taller people, so you’re not dealing with an extra 6" of fabric gathering at your ankle like shitty legwarmers.

After trying both the mid and high-rise styles, I have to say I prefer the mid. The high-rise style fell awkwardly under my ribcage (not under my belly button, like the models on the site). Blame the short torso.

Again though, I want to reiterate how goddamn soft these things are. Somehow, they have the nylon texture of a traditional workout legging, but you put them on and they feel like a second skin of cashmere-like softness that you never want to get out of.


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