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I Rediscovered My Sense of Chill With Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

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4/20 Week4/20 WeekA week of blazing and relaxation, sponsored by Sunday Scaries CBD

When the CBD craze hit my area, I ignored it. It wasn’t until last year, when my wife was looking for something to help her anxiety, that we stepped into a CBD store. We bought pre-rolled CBD joints, which looked and smelled just like the real thing. We loved the calm, serene feeling after smoking, but the store stopped selling flower shortly after. We were bummed out. I hadn’t tried any CBD products until this week when I received a package from Sunday Scaries.


Sunday Scaries sent over most of their product lineup, which I’ve been sampling over the last few days. So far, my results with Sunday Scaries CBD have been somewhat mixed, but that’s mostly because I didn’t know how often to use CBD or how much. I’m very new to the whole thing, and it’s entirely different than smoking the CBD flower, which tends to hit your bloodstream much faster. However, that’s not to say I haven’t felt the effects or have been calm.

I took two of the Sunday Scaries CBD gummies just before writing this article, and I feel focused — my mind isn’t racing with thoughts as usual. As someone with ADHD, staying focused is hard, but if this can help me in the long run, it could become a mainstay in my treatment. Though the meds I’m taking do help, treatment isn’t perfect. I sometimes go back to my old ways and find that I’ve spent the past hour watching YouTube when I should be working. Paired with the meds, the CBD is helping my focus. The gummies aren’t tasty, but their effect outweighs their bitter, herbal taste.

Apart from the focus, I’ve also found that the gummies, or just CBD in general, are a good companion for better sleep. I took one gummy last night about an hour before bed, and while I didn’t feel intense drowsiness like when I take melatonin gummies, I did wake up feeling more rested — melatonin gummies also give a nasty brain fog. I’m excited to see what happens when I take two gummies before bed.

Photo: Sunday Scaries

I’ve also been taking the Sunday Scaries CBD Oil. The CBD oil is fruit-flavored, and I don’t mind the taste. I didn’t feel much of a difference after taking it the first time. That could be due to the size of the dose relative to my weight. After upping the dose to half a dropper from a third, I felt really relaxed, almost weightless, and not as anxious at times when I typically would have been. I’ll try a full dropper next time for “maximum chill.”

I can’t say I got anything out of the Tub Cub CBD bath bomb, but others with minor aches and soreness could use it for pain relief. As for the other products, my wife loved the Unicorn Jerky CBD candy, and she thought the Vegan AF CBD gummies were good, too.

Overall, I’ve had a positive experience with the products I’ve tried. My one complaint is that the directions aren’t clear, especially for newcomers. I’m not the type of person to take more medicine than is recommended, and though I knew taking more CBD oil wouldn’t harm me, I played it safe. The Sunday Scaries site has much better directions for each product, but I didn’t think to check the site until later. The directions just need to be clearer on the product label.

I’m looking forward to my CBD journey now that I know how much to use. If the CBD continues to help me focus, I can see it becoming part of my everyday routine. After going completely off nicotine a few weeks ago, my body has been looking for balance. This may be it.


If you need help sleeping, staying calm in stressful situations, or keeping focus, give Sunday Scaries a shot. You can get the Side Piece bundle, which includes the Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies and CBD Oil, for $54. If you’re not sure what to try, the Sunday Scaries quiz can point you in the right direction.