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Honoring My Steady, the SteelSeries Qck Gaming Mousepad

I’m an idiot. Everything I own is replaced every 6 months because I obsess over the latest and greatest gear. Frankly, it’s a problem.


But as I pick up new keyboards, transfer out SSDs, max out my RAM, and pick up a new mouse (I currently have nine), there is one constant: my SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface mousepad.

I love this fucking mousepad. It’s simply the best I’ve ever owned. It’s thick and really easy to clean. It’s also soft; I can rest my wrist pretty comfortably on it.


There are, of course, light-up RGB gaming mousepads out there and ones with built-in wrist rests. But try as I might to replace this dumb thing that I bought all the way back in 2017, I can’t bring myself to do it. Yep, three years is an eternity when it comes to my gear. I’ve purchased and replaced five computers in that timeframe.

Steelseries offers a number of different versions: some are small, some huge. Some are RGB lit and others have game-specific designs on them. But for my purposes, I like the Thick, Large, Black model the best.

If I had any gripes on the Steelseries mousepad, it’d be that I wished the logo was a dark gray, black, or just embossed.

Consider this: I recently upgraded to the awesome Logitech G915 keyboard and G703 mouse, and despite my deep urge to replace my SteelSeries mousepad with one that matched... I can’t.


Thank you SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Surface, you taught me that I don’t have commitment issues. You’re simply the best.


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