Hipsters, Rejoice! Several Great Vinyl Turntables Are On Sale Today.

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I can’t for the life of me figure out why records are making a comeback, but our Co-Op for best album to own on vinyl was one of our most popular polls ever, so I guess I’m duty-bound to report that we’ve spotted three great deals on turntables today.

This one looks like a suitcase, and has built-in speakers. It also works as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone, but oddly enough, can’t output vinyl audio to other Bluetooth speakers; you’ll have to use a cable for that. $70 is the best price Amazon’s ever listed.

This highly-rated Audio-Technica doesn’t have any built-in speakers, but it outputs audio over Bluetooth to any other device. It can even store eight of them in memory for quick connections. $120 is as low is it’s ever gone.

And finally, this high-end Audio Technica is more of a professional tool. It doesn’t have Bluetooth or built-in speakers, but it can output audio over USB to your computer, allowing you to digitize your favorite LPs. $229 isn’t an all-time low, but it is $70 less than usual.