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Hey, You Should Store All Your Tote Bags in a File Organizer

U Brands Hanging File Organizer, $14
U Brands Hanging File Organizer, $14
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Hello. It’s me, The Inventory’s resident tote bag hoarder. I’ve written many, many blogs about various bags I love and also own, and at this point, you might be wondering: Where does one store so many totes?


It’s a question I’ve pondered myself for months, years even. After all, a bag is a natural place in which to store things, including other bags! And while I did employ this tote-in-a-tote storage solution for a while, my apartment was still somehow overflowing with my bag collection. I started to fear that totes might just continue to fill up my studio until I barricaded myself inside and eventually was smothered to death by their canvas and cloth.

So in addition to putting all my bags into other bags, I needed to come with a creative solution for bag storage that allowed all my totes to be easily accessible yet out of my way, and I think I did just that. Behold, the U Brands Hanging File Organizer.

In theory, you could use any hanging file folder, but this specific one, with its rose gold wire and funky design, matched the aesthetic of my apartment.

What I did was nail two of these babies to the wall next to my front door. Then, I filled them with totes, crossbody bags, and other bags of varying sizes. Bam! Now all my bags are in a prime location, and not scattered all over the floor.

So, don’t let the haters pressure you to tone down your tote arsenal. Keep all your beloved bags front and center, and live your best, organized tote life.


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