Help Solve Snoring With This Snore Circle For $100

Solve sleep issues with a Snore Circle and never make noise again

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Snore Circle | Stack Social | $100
Snore Circle | Stack Social | $100
Image: Jason Coles

Snore Circle | Stack Social | $100

Snoring is, frankly, a blight upon us all. Nobody wins when people snore, so figuring out a solution is sure to make the entire household happier. You can help alleviate the symptoms of snoring by using the Snore Circle, which you can buy for $100. This little device uses EMA+TENS to help stimulate nerves under the chin and open up the airways, and has 30 levels of intensity. It even has its own app too, so you’ll be able to look over the data and fine-tune it to work for you. Just make sure to follow the instructions properly by shaving and whatnot.