Have a Low-Cost Lightsaber Battle With Your Friends This May the 4th With a 4-Pack for Just $14

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4-Pack of Star Wars Jedi and Sith Apprentice Lightsabers | $14 | Meh

You complained and we heard you: “My lightsaber battles are just getting too expensive to maintain,” you weirdly all said in unison. No more. This oddly specific complaint now has a solution.

May the 4th is just around the corner— and you don’t want to be caught unawares without a single lightsaber on hand like an absolute dolt. Invest 14 of your hard-earned dollars in today’s stellar toy deal: a 4-Pack of Star Wars Jedi and Sith apprentice lightsabers over at Meh.

That’s right, $14 gets you two Jedi blue and two Sith red lightsabers to fight it out with your friends over. What better way to celebrate May the 4th than by proving once and for all who is in charge by duking it out in your very own lightsaber battle? I mean, you even got a great deal on the whole thing, and that just sweetens any activity.

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