H&M Has a Stranger Things Collaboration and It Is All About Billy

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Of all the characters from Stranger Things to get their own collaboration at H&M, we never thought it would be Billy. Some jean jackets for Eleven totally would have been cool, or a few “Justice for Barb” tees as well. Instead, we’ve got a pool-themed collab centered all around Max’s cruel stepbrother, Billy.

Even if this is a collab that no one but Karen Wheeler asked for, we totally dig it. The H&M x Stranger Things collab ties in well with the recent trailer for the upcoming season. It seems Mike’s mom is still really into teenagers and now Billy is working as a lifeguard in Hawkins.

For those looking forward to this collab, you won’t be disappointed with your next pool visit. You can get a red Hawkins one-piece lifeguard swimsuit for $18. You can show off your Hawkins pride on a boxy printed t-shirt for $13. This $18 patterned jumpsuit looks like a typical floral design but actually is littered with Demogorgons. You can check out the entire H&M x Stranger Things collab on H&M’s website.