Grab One of These X-Men Dorbz Now Just $4 and Support the Mutant Agenda

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Select X-Men Dorbz Figures | $4 | Entertainment Earth
Select X-Men Dorbz Figures | $4 | Entertainment Earth
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Select X-Men Dorbz Figures | $4 | Entertainment Earth

Dorbz is the pint-sized cousin to the Funko fam. Most stand about three inches tall and the cutest of the companies vinyl figures. Entertainment Earth has a few X-Men ones marked all the way down to just $4. Add these petite mutants to your collection or gift one to your favorite student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Cold doesn’t begin to encapsulated Emma Frost’s chilly demeanor but the Boston native does have the fun power of also being about to turn into basically diamonds. Toss in some telepathic abilities and she’s great at parties.

Here we have Sabretooth complete with fluffy hair and cat-like fangs. While Victor Creed may be technically stronger than his half-brother Logan he’s no less cute.

This raddest thing about Psylocke is her katana, let’s be real. Well, that and her ability to focus her telepathic energies into a solid psychic knife. In Betsy’s timeline, she now possesses telekinesis, telepathy, and empathy. All helpful if you want to battle against or with the X-Men.

Kid sister to Professor X, Mystique has been one of the most mesmerizing characters to watch transform, no literally. That’s her thing. She can actually change her cells to mimic the appearance and traits of other mutants, humans, and animals. Now, she can’t take on the powers of a mutant only look and sound like them which is still pretty awesome.

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