Grab Final Fantasy VII Times Two for $48 While You Wait for Final Fantasy VII Part Two

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Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition (PC Download) | $48 | Newegg
Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition (PC Download) | $48 | Newegg
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition (PC Download) | $48 | Newegg

Did you already beat Final Fantasy VII Remake? Or lamenting the fact that the physical copy is currently sold out on Amazon? Well, I got just the game for you. You can grab the complete edition of Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO, for just $48 on Newegg. Containing what I can only imagine is about ten times the content of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’ll give you plenty to do while you either wait for your copy of the game, or wait until the nebulous time in which part two of the FFVII saga is released.

The Final Fantasy XIV comes not only with the base game, but the MMO’s three expansions: Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. Each part of the game is a beefy expansion on its own, and between that and the other free story content, you’re looking at at least 200 hours of content. Probably more, but I’m not willing to admit how much time I’ve sunk into the game.

The Complete Edition also comes with a free 30 day subscription, but you’ll need to pay monthly beyond that. But, you’ll get those 30 days to figure out if you want to keep paying, or if you want to wait for the biannual free login periods instead.

If $48 if still too rich for your blood, the Starter Edition is $16, and contains the base game and the 30 day subscription.