Grab an Apple Smart Keyboard for Your 7th or 8th-Gen iPad for Just $115

Stay productive on the go by tossing a keyboard onto your iPad or iPad Air.

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Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad (8th Gen and 7th Gen) and iPad Air (3rd Gen) | $115 | Amazon

Typing on the iPad or iPad Air works just fine if you don’t have a lot to write. If you’re trying to get some work done, it leaves a lot to be desired. Pop on this Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad (7th and 8th Gen/iPad Air (3rd Gen) and you’ll be typing up a storm. It’s just $115 now at Amazon, down from $159. Suddenly, you’ve just transformed your tablet into a mobile workstation. Connect without pairing or charging it up, and then fold it up over your iPad to make a sleek cover. Easy-peasy. Now you don’t have to schlep your laptop everywhere if you want to work on the go.