Grab a Mophie 10,000mAh Power Bank for $15 Right Now

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Mophie 10,000mAh Power Bank | $15 | SideDeal
Mophie 10,000mAh Power Bank | $15 | SideDeal
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Mophie 10,000mAh Power Bank | $15 | SideDeal

Are you the friend constantly asking if anyone has a charger? Or pre-pandemic, were you asking bartenders if you could plug your phone in somewhere? Don’t be that person; there’s a better way. Solve the problem by grabbing this Power Bank for $15.

I’ve had Mophie products before and really like them. I personally like to have one at all times, it’s like charging insurance. You’ll get up to thirty-four hours of extra power while you’re on the go. You can juice up a phone and/or a tablet or wireless headphones if need be when out and about. This pack comes with a guidebook, so you won’t be without a manual if you are gifting one.

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This deal was originally posted by Sheilah Villari in September 2020 and updated new information on 5/05/2020.